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Light and fluffy sourdough style pancakes in just minutes, without a starter! This dry mix does not contain any fats, egg or dairy ingredients. Easy to make just add water, vegetable oil and an egg to the dry mix. 1 Cup of mix yields 12 to 15 - 4 inch pancakes. (28 oz package makes approx. 75 pancakes.)


Contains: Enriched unbleached wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin iron, thiamin, riboflavin), sugar, baking powder, yeast, salt, baking soda & spices.


SAWTOOTH SOURDOUGH BISCUITS (Makes 4-6) Recipe may be doubled and tripled.

Pre-Heat Oven to 425° F – Line a baking sheet or spray with vegetable oil.

¼ Cup Butter – Room Temp
1 Cup Sawtooth Sourdough Mix
¼ Cup Water (+ up to 3 teaspoons)
Mix the Butter into the dry mix until it forms a crumbly mixture.

Add water- mix well –with your hands gather together into a ball and gently knead then pat into a rectangle about ¾ inch lich – cut into 4-6 pieces.

For Drop Biscuits keep adding water 1 teaspoon at a time to make a more sticky dough that can be scooped with a spoon - then portion into 4-6 biscuits.

BAKE for about 10 minutes to Golden Brown.  


SAWTOOTH SOURDOUGH Bread Machine Recipe 1.5 Lb Loaf

Setting should be for WHITE BREAD or LIGHTEST BROWNING

 ¾ Cup Sawtooth Sourdough Mix
1 ½ Cups Unbleached Flour
1 Egg
3 TBLS Vegetable Oil
2 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt
¾ Cup of 100° F Water

Sawtooth Sourdough Beer Batter -

For a wet batter Use Beer in place of water using the Pancake Recipe
You can also use the Dry mix in place of Flour for Dredging items that have been soaked in Beer


Sawtooth Sourdough Crepes:

Follow the Pancake recipe adding an additional ½ cup of water per Cup of Mix
For a Sweet Fruit Crepe – add ¼ cup Sugar
If not using the crepes immediately layer them with Parchment paper – Can be made ahead and then reheated in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.
Fruit Crepes: Fill with Fresh Fruit, Fruit Jam and or Cottage Cheese the top with Whipped Cream
Ice Cream Crepes: fill with Ice Cream that’s blended with fruit jam then immediately RE-FREEZE. Serve with Whipped Cream and a drizzle of Fruit Syrup.
Savory Crepes: fill with cooked chicken chunks, pearl onions, peas and carrots in a white sauce, top with extra white sauce and grated cheese.




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    Sawtooth Sourdough Pancake Mix

    Posted by Billy on Mar 30th 2024

    Simply the easiest and best sourdough pancakes and waffles.

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    Sourdough Pancake Mix

    Posted by elizabeth connell on Mar 24th 2024

    We have been purchasing this mix since early 1990’s when we would travel to Idaho Falls in business. It’s great now to be able to order on line. Thanks for for being a loyal customer for so many years. Anna

  • 5
    Sourdough mix

    Posted by Billy on Nov 14th 2022

    Makes the best waffles and pancakes

  • 5
    Sourdough Pancake Mix

    Posted by Ed Ferguson on Nov 3rd 2022

    The next best thing to having a starter. Love the pancakes

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    Sawtooth Sourdough Pancake Mix

    Posted by Ronda Williams on Sep 17th 2022

    We absolutely love this product; the shipping is a bit expensive considering I can have extremely heavy items shipped for free. I searched for online coupons for reduced shipping and found numerous ones for other products, but none for this one. :-(

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    Dorothy’s pancake mix

    Posted by Jean Henderson on Sep 6th 2022

    Best pancake mix ever. I often will add extra sourdough starter instead of an egg. Doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t the mix is so good!