About Us

In 1986 Dorothy Baumhoff started her home-based business selling homemade Idaho preserves made with the wild berries which she hand-picked in the mountains of Idaho. 

Today Homemade by Dorothy has an expanded product line of hand-crafted jams, jellies, syrups, baking mixes and potato products, featuring the wide variety of wild berries, fruits and other agriculture products grown in Idaho or the Northwest. 

Products which are simple and natural with no preservatives is how Dorothy began her business and how production continues today, berries that are hand-picked, small pots stirred by hand and each jar hand-filled.   Community involvement, fostering relationships and buying local in tandem with continuing to hand-make “Homemade” quality products is the foundation upon which Homemade by Dorothy has grown over the years. 

Being a Family Owned and Home-Based business for over 35 years, Homemade by Dorothy was also recognized by the SBA as the 2011 Idaho and NW Region-10 Home-Based Business of the year.

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